Iran Unveils World’s First Air Defence Small Boat with Nawab Short-Range SAM System


Iran Unveils World's First Air Defence Small Boat with Nawab Short-Range SAM System

Video shows the Iran's small boat capability of firing SAM , video courtesy:- Telegram channel

IRAN reveals world's first Air Defence Small Boat equipped with Nawab Short-range SAM System.

Iran has a long history of naval forces dating back to the Persian Empire. The country's current naval defence strategy is focused on securing its:-

  • Maritime borders protecting,
  • Securing its oil export,
  • Security against hostility of Israel as in past Israel used it's drones against Iran,
  • Projecting power in the region.

Overview of Iran's Air defense small boat

The ADSB is a small, fast-moving boat designed to protect Iran's coastal waters from air threats, such as drones and helicopters. The Nawab SAM system is equipped with radars and can detect several targets at a time. It is capable of shooting down targets at ranges of up to 12 kilometres. The boat's small size and manoeuvrability make it challenging to detect and track, increasing its effectiveness as a defensive asset. The ADSB will be used primarily in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, where tensions between Iran and its regional rivals have been high.

Nawab SAM

The Nawab SAM system, developed by Iran's military industry, is a short-range surface-to-air missile system designed for fast reaction and high accuracy against aerial targets. The system is equipped with advanced radar and tracking systems which allow it to detect and engage multiple targets simultaneously. The Nawab system is highly effective against low-flying targets such as drones, helicopters, and cruise missiles. The system's range and effectiveness make it a valuable addition to Iran's air defence capabilities.

Implications of the New Development

The ADSB provides Iran with a new layer of air defence to its coastal waters . It could deter potential threats and increase the country's defensive capabilities. The Nawab SAM system, combined with Iran's existing air defence systems, strengthens the country's ability to defend against airborne threats.

However, the development of the ADSB and Nawab SAM system could also increase tensions with other countries in the region. The system's range and effectiveness could lead to concerns from rival countries and could lead to a regional instability. It is remains to be seen how other countries will respond to this development and how it will impact regional security.


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