Ins sindhukesari docked at Jakarta, a change of Indian policy


Ins Sindhukesari belongs to family of sindhughosh class submarines, they are the Kilo class diesel-electric submarines. They have designated 877EKM, and were built under a contract between Rosvooruzhenie and the Ministry of Defence (India).

The image show the insignia image of ins sindhukesari

The submarines have a displacement of 3,000 tonnes, a maximum diving depth of 300 meters, top speed of 18 knots, and are able to operate solo for 45 days with a crew of 53.

Ins sindhukesari was commissioned in 1989 , and recently undergone a major Rs 1,197-crore ‘medium refit-cum-life extension’ at Severodvinsk in Russia that ended in 2018, as part of the ongoing plan to upgrade four old Sindhughosh-class (Russian-origin Kilo-class) and two Shishumar-class (German HDW) submarines to stem depletion in the underwater fleet.

Recently the ins sindhukesari docked at Jakarta in Indonesia, this can be seen as a change in policy of India towards South-China sea. As recently Chinese spy ships was seen roaming in Indian Ocean after the India issue a no fly zone for a missile test. It will be really interesting to see the India's foreign policy how they gonna move ahead.


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